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Let’s understand security flaws in web based applications

Following are stack where we miss security measurements like…

Underlaying Architecture

  • Hardware, Network, PKI, and authentication

Poor coding practice

  • Lack of proper input validation

No encryption of

  • Data in transit

Security at Network

How to Perform CRUD operation in Node JS using MS SQL Server

Table of Contents

  • Initialize the project
  • Create SQL Server configuration and connection
  • App router
  • App controller
  • Starting the application
  • Create/Add records
  • Read all records
  • Update data
  • Delete records

Initialize the project

Create the package.json file for your project using below command.

Then create project structure as give…

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Background Image Size in Android

When we think about android resource files we get confused because we have seen lot of devices with different size and resolutions and generally following question comes in mind

What size is required for all devices?

What is image quality requirement?

Should I create separate images for each of screen sizes?

So, Do I have to worry about all these? and answer is not al all.

1. The following are the best dimensions for the app to run in all devices.

2. What is small, med, large.. for screens?

  • xlarge

Some basic interview question for Exception handling.

Objective type Question

1. Select the condition that describes a Throwable class of type Error.

a) An exceptional condition that are external to the application

b) A programming error caused by invalid syntax

c) An error for an invalid array index

2. What happens to an exception when it is propagated all the way up the call stack without being handled?

a) The error is ignored and the program terminates

b) The jvm calls System.exit…

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